Sunday, November 09, 2014

Tigers....SO CLOSE to Stopping the Roll of the Tide!

The stage was set for the matchup of epic rivalries.  The campus was packed with hopefuls donning purple, gold, red, and houndstooth.  The BATT tailgate was, as always, on point with food and fun!  The legendary jambalaya grits were served, along with the ever popular boudin eggrolls, meat pies, and fried turkey.  Friends and family came from far and wide to pass a good time with their favorite BATTers at the last tailgate of the season.  While the game was a disappointment, the many fond memories of BATT's 2014 tailgate season CERTAINLY are not! 

 J and her boys are ready for some fun
 P is doing his best to rock the sweater vest
 What's this?!  An outsider being allowed to help the gourmets in the kitchen?  BLASPHEMY!
 J brought her neighbor and B couldn't miss out on an UPO
 What a motley crew!
 H and the usual pose!
 J came ready for the COLD
 M and JM talk gameday pacing
 Awww.......feel the S love
 JM and his favorite snow bunny
 The Gourmets......always at work!
 Purple and gold besties!
 These ladies make cold weather clothes look GOOD!
 Bs and a B for a day!
 Tailgating is a family tradition
 C and M cuteness
 "scuse me....Uncle P.....I need to tell you something
 92 and ready for his first EVER tailgate!
 BATT ladies are HAWT!
 JM....finally feels tall!
 Even the DOG is photogenic!  P family
 Classing up the joint
 Apparently J has been very bad!
 The Cs and Ms came out to join the party
 Hanging with our friend from Tigeritaville
 I know N.....none of us could believe it either....C is actually serving food!
 Tailgate love
Speaking of love......special shout out to the Ps who make the jello shots.  As you can clearly see...they are a hit!
 Jello tastes better when you eat it at LSU!
 The workers that shoot together.......
 Pure foolishness
 Speaking of foolishness
 C loves affection from his family
 B and A stopped by to visit the Bs
 Apparently A is our long, lost brother
 N...embracing his inner carnivore
 looking cute
 A selfie
 These folks know how to have fun
 Nanny loves her H
 NY in the house!
 Two generations of veterans.....enjoying the day  #thankyou
 JM and P love washers......
 ......and apparently each other!
 photobomb  exhibit A
 Lovely ladies
 photobomb.....Exhibit B
 just dancing with my Mimi
 Fun times with the Ms
 What?  I make this hat look GOOD!
 Just loving life at the tailgate
 More lovely ladies of BATT
 Only A can rock the tiger ears!
 Fat baby cuteness
 M......doing what he does best!
 The Gs and friend......ready for a great game
 the newlweds
 P's face in this one.....LOL
 Representing with the purple and gold
 K and friend fought to park and then enjoy some BATT fun
 Inadvertent photo bomb
 These ladies are trouble!
 H loves her some L
 C and fam came to watch the game with B
 H always knows how to make new visitors to the tailgate feel comfortable

Looking Good!
Thanks to everyone for a GREAT home season!  See you in 2015!
GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!