Sunday, October 04, 2015

Tigers Take Down Eagles

The weather was finally perfect for tailgating.  Cool breezes, fun competition, interesting conversation, cold cocktails, and great food were plentiful, as usual.  A lesser opponent proved to be little trouble for the Bayou Bengals and victory came easily.  Just another great day at BATT tailgate!
 Meet the C's......BATT newbies....welcome!
 N and B.....with a few photo bombers
 BATT ladies look lovely
 S is determined not to miss out on blog pics
 BATT is a family affair
 The Gourmets love their V....and J loves to photobomb
 Early morning setup can wear a man down!
 Awwww...somebody is not a fan of the cooler weather.
 This is how kids tailgate in the 21st century
 The legend of BATT even brings out the younger crowd.......
 ........or maybe it's just the jello shots!
 J and B love hanging with their NOLA family
 Playing washers and stirring up trouble for YEARS
 Baby A's first tailgate
 Mimi and Mamou are excited to have her here!
Welcome back to the M's
 Hughes came along for some fun too!
 JM loves the ladies
 It takes a village to welcome new BATT blood
 Our BATT men are always repping the purple and gold
 BATT tailgate is never dull
 Future BATT member.....he loves his tigers
 MORE BATT family traditions
 Nothing but trouble
 The Bs brought a krewe.....straight from God's country!
 H and J invited some lovely LP ladies too!
 THIS is what happens when you ask JM to take a picture of you at the tailgate........unintentional selfie alert
 Keeping it classy..........
Gotta love our Gourmets......keeping our members eating high end cuisine for 15 years! <3 class="separator" p="" style="clear: both; text-align: center;">
Future BATTers!

See you next time!

Monday, September 21, 2015

The REAL Tigers Stood Up and Rolled OVER the Auburn Kitties

The stakes were higher than ever....... Mother Nature robbed the Tigers of the experience of their home opener and their showing at Mississippi State was less than stellar!  Excited to support their beloved Tigers, our BATTers came early and in force to tailgate.  The Gourmets once again shined with their huevos rancheros and always popular jambalaya grits.  The conversation came easy, the cocktails flowed, and the jello shots were as potent as ever.  The afternoon was punctuated with a decisive win.  Fournette is a beast and our Tigers clawed their way into the TOP 10!
 The Gourmets provided the delectable food, as usual!
 These two.....solving ALL the world's problems.....over a cocktail
 We take our tailgating VERY seriously at BATT!
 SERVE you?
 lovely ladies
 The P's......still feeling after all these years!
 Welcome glad you finally joined BATT
 K made a surprise appearance and her Mimi and D-Dad were very excited (so was the photobomber)
 Three P's and an S.....know how to have fun at tailgate!
 These ladies need to learn how to relax!
 K.....trying out the latest free SEC swag
 NOTHING but trouble with these two!
 Our men make BATT look good!  Exhibit A
 Exhibit B
 Two R boys......future BATTers?
 The Ps brought some friends with them
 As the time to kickoff shortens, the BATT tailgate begins to fill!
The Infamous BATT van.....provided out tailgate with supplies for countless years! 
 Even babies look cuter when they're wearing purple and gold
 Never a dull moment when you're passing a good time at tailgate!

 Here's one of our beloved Gourmets.....hard at work.....entertaining AND creating edible masterpieces!
 Look who broke down and joined in the BATT fun!
 N serves up a BATT favorite!
 BATT beauties.....
 More beauties!
 J and J stopped by to find some trouble with P!
BATT blondes definitely have more fun!
 Best looking ladies on the campus.....nobody beats the ladies of BATT!

BATT love doesn't necessarily end when you leave the campus.  Just the look at the fun when you get when driving J home after the game!
Bring on Syracuse!    See you October 3rd!