Sunday, October 23, 2016

Geaux to Hell Ole Miss!

Cool weather set the scene for another amazing BATT tailgate.  BATT friends, old and new, descended upon the area, ready for food and fun!  Crowds were large, cocktails were flowing, and delicious food was being enjoyed by one and all.  As if it couldn't get any better, the Tigers upped the ante with an impressive win over the Rebels.  Who needs a by week....BRING ON BAMA!
Guess who got to come to tailgate this week?!
 "There's nothing like fresh tail!"  JMP
BATT baby brought her sorority sister for some BATT fun!
H was happy to see her BATT baby again!
 Big Daddy loves him some AJ!
 J and R....making purple look good
 This gourmet loved her flavored moonshine!
 Gourmets and friends
 These two....nothing but trouble
 Old friends are the best friends!
J.....humoring the old dudes
 It's not a BATT tailgate without the jello shots! Exhbit A
The Gourmets were happy to see D back at tailgate

B and drinking buddies
C brought his friends on his day of freedom
 R and his beautiful ladies
 dynamite comes in small packages
The Gourmets'  church friends enjoyed their time at BATT
 J and J back at BATT
Red....the color of their shirts at tailgate, and their faces after the game!
L was happy to see J back at BATT
Watch out for these troublemakers
 Loving on their church friends
 Looking good ladies
Our tailgaters look better than yours
 Trying to act mature
 Work friends....blowing off some steam on the weekend
 J and friends

 J was excited her TX transplant came back for some Tiger fun
 LSU campus for tailgate> TX
 Trying to look respectable
 G family cuteness
 You've been a tailgate for quite a while when........
 D and of "his people"
 B family cuteness
 M getting some love from Scruffy and friend......with a little photobomb...for good measure
Even P missed Scruffy
There was a reason for this.....but it was taken later in tailgate and it's a little foggy
 Good times were had by all
 precious......just precious

When your friend agrees to help out your kids because you are too busy spending their inheritance to care!
B loves the lovelies
 P wants in on the action
P is awfully handsome...even in that horrible shirt

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Way to End Strong, Tigers!

It was a warm October day when the BATT faithful descended upon their beloved spot under the stately oaks.  While not quite the surface of the sun hot that we endured the first two tailgates, it was still quite warm.  Kelly's music was blaring, the cocktails were flowing, and the gourmets food was on always.  Word on the street was both gourmets were seen sitting at the same time!  A great day of tailgating was punctuated with a decisive LSU win.  No better place to be than at BATT tailgate on a sunny Saturday.

 B's niece and BF came down from AR to enjoy some BATT fun
 Gourmets....looking fab
 When H makes the perfect must be documented
 Lovely ladies in purple
Somebody is happy with their winnings.
JM....whatever are you watching?
B decides to help the making a monetary donation for JM to give to the "dancing lady" 
After much consideration.....JM decides it's in his best interest to invest the money somewhere else
 The AR couple.....looking cute and classy

 The AR couple after hours of BATT tailgating and being coersed into the accepted jello shot dispersal method.
 Family and ZTA love at BATT
 What's that on your socks, D?
Paul.....tell us how you really feel about the Razorback socks!
 LSU and poodles = winning at life
 N teaching B the "sorority squatch" and some possible gang signs

 Nothing says, "Welcome to BATT" like a John Sills convo!
 Cousin cuteness
 The BATT babies were out in force and T decided to take a break from STUDYING to take a picture!

 These ladies are getting some well deserved down time!
 It's a gourmet....and he's not in the kitchen!
 Somebody is growing some scruff!
 Our BATT guys are cuter than yours!
 When your friend says something crazy........
 ....but you're trying to keep it together for the camera
 Lovely ladies ALWAYS make it better!
 B loves his gourmet!
 It IS possible to spill the same drink twice!  (No alcohol was harmed in the making of this picture.)
 He's actually passing them out this time!
 Both seated at the same time?  UNHEARD OF!
 H's love of jello is strong!
 Flood buddies
 BATT Babies love jello too
 G, L, and J keeping it classy at BATT
 These Maryland Tiger fans will NEVER forget their very first BATT tailgate!
R is giving us some smiles this's probably because of the lovely ladies he is posing with
 BATT is a family tradition
 Everybody loves them some M
 M and C.......looking good
 S and her people
 Looking good BATT men!

 Nothing brings LSU fans together quite like jello!
 Passing a good time and watching some other games
 Dude.......I love this beer!
I mean it........this beer is the best...ever!
 Don't you wish you could be here to drink awesome beer with these two crazies?  (You do.)
N and friends enjoying the good weather, better cocktails, and best tailgate EVER

See you next week!