Sunday, August 24, 2014

When Stuff Gets Wet

The annual "Stuff Party" was its typical business meeting paired with food, fun, and cold cocktails.  This year....just for a change of pace......the BATTers decided to embrace their philanthropic side and participate in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  Not only do our members know how to pass a good time, but they are generous!  When charity comes with soaking krewe members....that's just a BONUS!  Geaux Tigers!    Donate to: or

The challenge that started it all!

                                                                 Jim's Challenge

Chuck's Challenge
JoeMike's Challenge
Reid's Challenge
Nick's Video

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Tastes Like Bacon!

It was a cool, crisp autumn day when our Tigers went against the Hogs to win the infamous boot.  As always, the food was great, the cocktails were cold, and the company was fabulous! 

 You gotta love a man who loves purple and gold!
 J and B...celebrating the last game of the season!
 Guests are always welcome at tailgate!
 Last game of the regular season and JM decides to wash his infamous tail!
 They make tailgating look GREAT!
 The Poor/Jipson family and some photobombers!
 D-dad loves him some ML!
 The M's  Arkansas family posing with K.
 These three look like they're up to something!
 The Washer boys!
 J and J enjoying the cool tailgate.
 J and her R, reunite over some tailgate fun!
This is what happens when you give the short antkiller the camera.....I give you "art"
(Can you guess what was on his mind?)
 Exhibit A:
I call it "Dueling Ice Chests"
 Exhibit B:
I call it TROUBLE!
Embracing their inner "Vlad the Impaler" 
Thanks again for an amazing season!  See y'all next year!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Death Valley....Where Heisman Dreams Come to Die!

Okay guys....I'm filling for Ms. Heather while she is at "the happiest place in the world".
So bear with me on this blog posting.  I may just stink at it.
Saturday the weather started out just misting at times....well the bottom fell out of the sky just before "kick off".  What a mess!  Everyone who stuck around to help load the van and put stuff away, many thanks.  To those who didn't, well, I'm telling Santa!!
                                             J did not care about sharing with his "son" C.
                                  Always good to see K and V.  Beautiful colors by the way!
                                  JT can fry a turkey like no one was gone in a flash!
                                                                   Boiling the bird!
                                                    B teaching G how to make a cocktail...
                                             he looks like he is hanging on every word huh?
                                        Just in case there is any question as to who we love!
                                     JM loves the pretty ladies...thanks for humoring him A!
                                                            Who doesn't love this guy!!
                                             Before the swamp appeared....a happier time.
                                        Yay K!  We are so happy every time you come visit! 
                                                                 I know D-Dad is!
                                                K is showing a little love to our fantastic chefs
                                                  Happy C & gal pal made an appearance
                                            J's Cajun eggrolls are famous in at least 5 states. 
                                         DON'T EVER TAKE THEM FROM THE MENU!
                                            C wanted to be as tall as N & JM!!  Smart ass!

                                                 JT welcomes our handsome Batter G.
                                                   Think G was buttering up the chef!
                                            Gorgeous ladies...S, A, V....I love these girls!!
                                             Really Culley?  M was happy, happy, happy!
                                                  These nice folks were from Baylor,
                                            didn't get their name, but they had a great time
                                          JM...checking scores.  Still ahead of JT by a mile!
                                                                        hee, hee!
Great Smiles!
 I think we all wanted to see the Aggie quarterback (name?) run around our defense. THAT DID NOT HAPPEN!!  What a thrill seeing the Tigers step it up and beat those toy soldiers 34-10!
Well that's all for now.....have a fantastic week and a blessed Thanksgiving.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Tigers Take Down Furman

The sky was blue, the weather was fantastic, and a few fabulous BATTers were living it up at the tailgate.  Not even the disappointing loss the week before could daunt the excitement of our group.  What started as a smaller group than normal, grew into an AWESOME tailgate!

 TA loves him some Too Tall
 JM loves him some R
 The Js descended upon the tailgate
 BATT family cuteness
 TA and some lovely ladies of BATT
 Kylae made her BATT debut
 R giving one of the Gourmets some love
 P family cuteness
 Uncle Nick is so silly!
 Malcolm passing on the fried catfish tradition....
 After we bread the fish.....we always wash our hands!
 These two are NOTHING but trouble
 The same can be said for these three!
 getting some cooking tips from our Gs
 Honey teaches K some tailgate dance steps
 Future BATT tailgater #1
 Future BATT tailgater #2
 The traditional Atkinson pic....second only to the Elton John glasses pic!
 M and H....trying to behave?
 The game watching at our tailgate is TOP NOTCH!
 Let's all imagine what's going down in this convo....
 J take photogenic to the NEXT level!
 H...showing the love to the P family!
 Honey LOVES her Mad!'s a BATT tradition
 M and S make the tailgate look GOOD!
 See, Officer....what happened is.....
 J family cuteness!
 JM and N make sure JJ had lots of fun!
Our engaged pair....always bring the cuteness!
Baby K makes her BATT debut!