Sunday, September 18, 2016

We'll Take the the W!

**** Please note- the BATT blog camera can be found on the table with the appetizers.  Please feel free to grab it, snap some pics, and return!****

The humidity AND expectations were high.  Even the threat of inclement weather could not keep the BATT members away.  Our Gourmets were as amazing as ever with the eggrolls, meat pies, and delicious cajun pasta.  The cocktails were flowing, the washers were flying, and for most of the day, the rain was NOT falling!  The NOT SO newlweds brought their fur baby out and he did his best to keep us all safe and ensure nobody harmed his human!  Just another great day in the life of a BATT tailgater.  Out of town game next weekend, but we'll see everyone back on October 1st!

 Here we see M.....embracing her inner J and bosses the tailgate setup
 Our plan for any setup mishaps....let's just say we called it, "Operation Blame the Newbie"  Can you guess who was thrilled about the plan?
 Our first furbaby visit of the season!
 The gourmets were on point with the cuisine this week!#OMGthepasta
 They also brought in some family to enjoy the fun!
 Our BATT beauties look better than yours.....
 BATT hunks?
 R and Ronnie.....loving her rescue pup
 I am JM and I APPROVE this message
 When the EMTs just want to save lives....but J has a great story for them!
 B loves him some Gab
 The P boys....celebrating with our gift card prize we won at last week's game would appear the riches have gone to the heads of the BATT men and greed has reared its nasty head.  Don't worry dudes....JM promised to put it to great use......BUYING BEER
 JM......Looking TALL!
 T welcoming two BATT babies
 Looks like someone brought a cute, new friend!
 H and T love their college BATT babies and they can't get enough of our tailgate ( booze)
 J and friend.....
 T's BATT babies made their first appearance this week.....but it won't be their last!
 K and friends came this week
 We love a good crowd at BATT
REALLY?!  STOP taking pics of me with new victims....we have a lot to talk about!  :)

GEAUX TIGERS!   See you 10/1

Sunday, September 11, 2016


It's that time again BATT lovers, the air is thick with humidity and excitement!  It's time for all BATTers to converge beneath the trees and pass a good time! As always, the Gourmets created a delicious assortment of tailgate deliciousness!  The famous boudin eggrolls were as popular as ever.  To top off an amazing first tailgate, Krewe of BATT won BEST TAILGATE from LSU.  The Tigers entered Death Valley with all eyes on them and their embattled coach.  After an embarrassing loss, our boys needed to prove themselves.  It was a slow start, but thanks to our boy, Danny, the Tigers found their feet and beat the jaguars!  Here's to another season of tailgating, fun, and Tiger FOOTBALL!
 Serve YOU?
 M and J were ready to be served!

Our Gourmets were on always! 

 Look at AJ.....practically a man!  ;)  As I was snapping this he told N...this time, next year, I'll be taller than you!
 Welcome to our BATT newbies, T and K.  K always keeps it classy....that's how we knew he'd be a good fit for BATT.
 Reunited and it feels so good....and SWEATY!
 Never a dull moment when JM is at your tailgate!
 What are you gonna do when the music moves you?

 BATT is a family tradition.
 J and his newest victim! 
We're starting a tailgate dynasty! 

 P and K....repping for the LP
 B and her date came by to have fun at our tailgate
 M and C braving the heat for some tailgate fun
 It's not really a party until the S's show up!
 D-dad helped our newest BATT baby college girl find the tailgate
 Yeah.....J.....that looks delicious?
 So excited to have T in our tailgate now!
 ridiculous G cuteness
 When BATT is a little TOO fun!
 B, his friend, and the infamous BATT photo bomb
 Even in the heat.....lovely ladies of BATT look good
 College girls
 Ready for some fun and food at BATT tailgate
 BATT babies love jello shots
 P and his baby girl.  Hard to believe this BATT baby is a freshman
 S and friends
Our BATT newlweds......still cute and not so new anymore!
 LSU budget cuts are so deep......police are being forced to use dogs to pull trailers.
Newest tailgate fun ride.  Word on the street is JM may or may not have been inside!