Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Tigers Can't Can't Stop Tide's Roll

The excitement of the game came early when the unexpected threat of tailgating poachers put the BATT early morning krewe of high alert.  Spots were saved, tailgates were setup in normal spots, poacher's tents were moved, and all was right in the kingdom.  Tiger fans could feel the electricity in the air.  We were SO READY for a victory over Bama!  While the defense did their level best to hold the surge of the Tide, in the end there has to be offense to win games.  It was a painful lesson...but did little to sully the name of our beloved Tigers.
Krewe of BATT cares about Tigeritaville!  Can't sit's taken!  

Many of our dapper BATT men put on their finest in order to shine for tailgate.
Every Gourmet's crazy about her sharp dressed man! 
 Golden foolishness
 Going the extra mile to make tailgating look good!
 M and B posing with the dressed up boys
 Ladies love these fellows!
 Our P boys.....always on point!
 Tailgates are more fun with friends

 LP krewe and B!
 The moonshine was delish!
 She's at it again!
 Spanking her way through the BATT men!
 She can't be stopped!
 Spanking bandit!
 Lovely ladies!
 The B's came for some BATT fun
 BATT Newbie Cuteness
 Awww....feel the love!
 We love it when BATT babies come to see us!
 Nothing but trouble here!
 Reasons why it's not safe to nap at BATT.....exhibit A
 exhibit B
 exhibit C
 C was happy to see J back at tailgate
 The Ms took a much needed break from home renovations to enjoy some BATT fun
 It didn't take long for them to pick up RIGHT where they left off!
 These two....always up to something!
 Who is the victim in this pic?
 Our newbie was eager to share some BATT fun with an old friend
 Ridiculous BATT hawtness

 A little relaxation because the real chaos begins!
 Always working hard to keep us fed
 There are no words for this pic.....
 C Cuties
 Cousin Fun
 G recovered from his early morning duties
 Looking good in gold!
 When you finally lose at washers
 More newbie buddies
 S family cuteness
 When good selfies go terribly wrong
 Not to be left out
 We like to share our jello
 Taking a little break from vet school for some fun
 The G's and friend....handsome as ever
 More S family cuteness
Solving ALL the world's problems!
 The unloading is done and it is time for fun!
 Talk about trouble!
 S knows a good time when she sees it!
 Newbie is fitting RIGHT in with her BATT buds!
 When you are asked to take your 1000th picture at tailgate
 So much is wrong or RIGHT with this picture!
 In law love
 BATT tailgating is family!
Trouble with a capital T
 When they have terrible taste in football teams....but they are super handsome....we make exceptions
 These ladies are too cute
 These guys know how to pass a good time!
 H family stopped by to see our Gourmets
you know what they say about teachers.......WILDNESS

We'll get 'em next time!  GEAUX TIGERS!