Sunday, October 19, 2014

Tigers Tame the Wildcats!

As has been the normal at the tailgate, the weather was amazing, the company (new and old friends) was fantastic, the food was phenomenal, and the cocktails were flowing.  Apparently, when you want to liven up BATT must only utter these famous last words, " something inappropriate!"  Keep that in mind for future reference! 

 It would seem that J's friend has split allegiance to teams!
 Tailgate love!
 Our BATT men are too handsome!
 Somebody call the PRESIDENT...J is actually sitting down!  (It lasted less than a minute...BTW)
 JM loves him so J!
 It's not a BATT pic...without a photo bomb!
 More handsome BATTers and friends
 A Selfie
 Friends that tailgate together.....stay together!
 Now...let's molest a gourmet!
 Somebody got jealous pants and couldn't be left out!
 Don't let this pic fool you.....these two are trouble!
 Hilton squared
 M cuteness
 Mean Mugging
 We love when new friends come to BATT!
 JM and J.....shaking their groove thing!
 The As had some friends stop by!
 L loves J because she speaks Buuck! 
 B bros with matching cooler backpacks....
 What is going on here?
 L has become a fan of the lovely BATT ladies!
 J, her new BFF, and a lovely gourmet
 JM never leaves home without his trusty tail
"Don't grab it unless you mean it.....BABY!"
 If you're going to be at a BATT tailgate....this is more than likely going to happen!
 Every once in a while.......BATTers can take normal, cute pics
Some lovely soul decided to take the BATT members on a sugar filled trip down memory lane.  The addition of the Boone's Farm fine wine bottles brought out the best in our people!  Observe:
 The " mom is drinking Strawberry Hill!"
 The " How do these crazy ass white people drink this crap?!"
 The "Imma chase this nastiness with my beer!"
 The "I'll just pose with I can avoid taking a swig!"
 The " my buddy is showing me up in front of my people!"
 The "Damn.....peer pressure got to me!"
 BATT Newlywed hotness
 We make this place look good!
 Serve you?
 M and the Gourmets....hamming it up
 JM just can't stand to take a shot any other way!
 Tailgate LOVE
 Tailgate buddies
 JM never meets a stranger!
 N looks tough in this one!
 Here we have the Gs and a respectable display
 The Ms pose with T and her mom
 For the R fans........P this is for YOU!
 This is what happens when you want a G to be inappropriate.....STILL CUTE!
 Our BATT ladies are too HAWT!
 J loves her T!!!!!!!!!
 This pose is too funny!
 Get it girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Looking good N!
Get ready for Ole Miss next weekend!