Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tiger Stadium.....Where REBEL Dreams and Undefeated Seasons Come to Die!

The day finally arrived......the day where the epic rivalry of lions and tigers and bears.......OH MY!  Okay....maybe there weren't any lions...but the BATT tailgate with packed with revelers donning both purple, gold, and red!  Corndogs and jokes about them abounded.  Cocktails flowed, music blared, and the gumbo, meat pies, and boudin eggrolls were devoured by the enormous crowd.  Even a fantastic day, with amazing weather and great company could not top the hard-fought LSU victory that erupted the stadium and flooded the field with the cheering crowds of Tiger fans!  Only one more tailgate to go........BRING ON BAMA!!!!!!!!!!!

 Just a man....his LSU suit...and a tail!
 LJ came in for the game!  According to J.....she has to be sleeping with you OR have given birth to you for access to the kitchen!
 Attention: Katy Perry
 BATT has some sharp dressed men!
 insert LSU themed corndog joke here
 I wonder why these guys were so willing to pose with a rebel fan?
 P and's early in the day and they were still behaving
 T family cuteness
 M loves her some JM
 I know somebody who was happy to see their granddaughter!
 Even our DOGS dress up for tailgate!
 C and P came for some BATT fun!
 BATT tailgate stepped up their game......EXHIBIT A
 Apparently the Gourmets and their friend all have woodies!
 If you could read KK's'd hear her screaming "Somebody HELP ME!"
 J and C........bonding over children and a love of tailgating
 J was a good sport and posed for the gratuitious Ole Miss Corndog pic
 M brought her boss to enjoy some BATT fun!
 Done tormenting teenagers and good looking Rebel fans......J moves on to a familiar victim
 These ladies make BATT look good!
 The M boys are pretty handsome.....even in that nasty color!
 B decided to spend her special day at BATT tailgate!
 J's family came in from Laffy and MS.  E's Ole Miss loving mom was less than enthused when she saw her baby girl rocking the purple and gold!
 HANDS DOWN.....the best corndog pic of the day!
 B's family came in from Metairie for the day
 Looking good.....except for that old guy in the red!
 Ceremonial candle lighting......picture evidence
 Ceremonial candle evidence
 BATT cuties
 sibling bonding
 Making a get well poster for our beloved C from Tigeritaville
 B and his Metairie peeps
 B and front of her floral creation
 lovely ladies
 A (purple) and J's (red) matching rings
According to A if you go to Ole Miss and are get a bigger ring!
 Photobomb anyone!
 P loves his BFF and family
 He just can't help himself!
 M love
 Go to hell.....well you know the rest
 Gratuitious pic with the ridiculously enormous shrimp the C and M brought to the tailgate
Photobomb by K
 Awwww.......C and M.....showing the love
 Too bad he's slightly less enthused about affection from his FAMILY
 The G's.......getting jiggy with it!
 motorboat anyone?
 Somebody is running with the big dogs for this game 
 Just putting on his cologne for the Ole Miss fans
Too cool for you
 This is a perfectly respectable pic.......
 ....this, not so much!
 Cuteness with a dash of attempted photo bomb
 S and L......loving tailgate life
 C and J are happy to be here
 Nanny loves her K
 The Bs and friends

 P and fam
 So.....DP is ridiculously tall
 scrunching down to Honey's height
 Cuteness with another dash of photobomb
 You can tell these ladies came they still look sweaty faces here
 The Gs were on a photo bomb spree today
 D and his people
 these blondes DO have more fun
 J and N.......welcome back
 The newlyweds.....fraternizing with the enemy
 L loves her crazy J
 Newlywed cuteness
 The B family stopped by to pass a good time
 J found some old friends at the tailgate
 Little LSU fan cuteness
 More friends of J
 Looks like JM has missed the Rs!
 Ridiculous cuteness
 Buuck boys made their 2014 tailgate debut
 Waiting on the homecoming parade
 the boys and MIKE
 M loving on the gigantic shrimp
 BATT tailgaters and ZTAs.....past and future?
 B hung with the LSU queen in the Stadium Club
 Looking good Golden Band from Tigerland!
The fans rush the field after the amazing victory!
Geaux Tigers!