Sunday, September 14, 2014

Nothing Like a SHUTOUT for a 400th Win!

The weather was surprisingly pleasant for a September game, the music was pumping, the food was delicious, the cocktails were cold, and the company......well, we all know NOTHING beats the members of our beloved krewe!  New friends and old ones made their appearance and, as always, a great time was had by all!  The Tigers continued that good feeling with a shutout win over the ULM Warhawks.

 M is VERY proud of her new purse!
 JoeMike.....a man among men!
 These two.....always creating culinary masterpieces....and looking cute doing it
 The M's are loving the babysitter lifestyle!
 C has a special gift for B after the prank he pulled that morning!
 Welcome back JM!
 V stopped by for some BATT fun
 Lovely ladies
 Krewe of BATT was chosen as the Manda Sausage Tailgate of the Week (98.1)
 More photobombing
 UH OH.....somebody chose an unfortunate place to hold her boudin eggroll while trying to keep her skirt from blowing!
 N owes H BIG TIME.....nothing brings newlywed bliss to a screeching halt like losing a wedding ring!
 Exhibit 2 of babysitter lifestyle enjoyment
JM.......just being........JM!
M has family stop by for some fun

 But first......lemme take a selfie
 The infamous tailgate pose
 B cuteness
 Don't hate us because we're beautiful
 J was happy to see her V
 JM and his baby girl!
 Just chilling.....
 We make BATT look good!

 I must learn to stop leaving my camera unattended!
 Looking FAB ladies!
 These two are trouble!
 SO are these! 
 The M's friends from Alexandria were back
 Something is hilarious!
 The fun never stops......
 .....when you're hanging with the BATT Gourmets
 Cuz shared the love and the Absolut with B
After a long day of's important for a man to look his best!  JM taming his fro! 
See you next week!  GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 07, 2014

First Tailgate and Home Game of the Season: MISSING- The Ring, The Poors, and SHSU Scoring

It was a great day to be a BATT tailgater.....the rain stayed away, there was a slight breeze, the food was amazing, and, as always, the cocktails were flowing!  Not even the threat of impending tailgate overflow could dampen the mood! It would seem that the Poors lead a trend at this tailgate.  While JoeMike and Linda were missing in action, Nick was MISSING something else very important.  We can imagine that his first tailgate as a married man would have ended VERY differently for him had H not found his wedding ring on the GROUND near one of the tables. Here's hoping that next week goes more smoothly for our beloved P family!  As expected, first tailgate of the season went off without a hitch!  Thanks to the setup crew and our resident gourmets for a wonderful time!

 The G's first game as actual residents! 
Photobomb SUCCESS!

Photobomb FAIL!
 We love our Gourmets!
The infamous boundary line...marked by Clayton.  With Kelly having to move his tailgate, Clayton felt compelled to mark his territory....for fear that the BATTers would try and take over Tigeritaville!

Here's what B thought of his territory line!
Modeling the popular tailgate "Girl Pic" pose!

 J and T.....reading for some fun!
 B with the daughter he always wanted and the son who is still trying to find a way into his family!
More ideas from B on saving space when the tailgates merge.....exhibit A

 Exhibit B
(Neither were well received.....wonder why?)

Checking out the other games.....
The P's biking it to their first tailgate as a married couple!

 C is less than amused when J tries to dance with him.  Can't you feel the sibling love?
J's cousin came by to enjoy some BATT fun

 As usual, the washers competition was non-stop all day!
R knows better than to find herself trapped in convo with the Short Ant Killer
It took her quite a while to recover!
Now......if you're going to be the tailgate photographer.....and you leave your camera unattended while you're shopping at the LSU have to expect this to happen!  I give you......POOR SELFIES!
 This one I call.....I Love My Husband
 But Sometimes He Drives Me Crazy
 But We're Always Ridiculously Cute
 J couldn't miss her first BATT tailgate
 Gratuitious family BATT can tell the level of humidity by our hairstyles
 The tailgate was packed!
 Ready for some fun
 Elton John made his long awaited return...posing with his #1 fan
 Lovely ladies
 P loves him some S
 The Ps made their way to the BATT tailgate...all the way from Alexandria
M and his friends......definitely ready for some fun!

 Everyone loves our sign!
It's going to be a great season!  GEAUX TIGERS!