Monday, October 16, 2017

Comeback Cats! Tigers Take Down Auburn

Fresh off the Tiger's win over the Gators, the BATT krewe gathered in the ridiculous October heat to pass a good time!  The afternoon start time did not determined the crowd as all huddled to get into the shade, eat the Gourmet's food, and enjoy a cold cocktail.  While it started out rough, the Tigers recovered and proceeded to execute the greatest comeback in SEC history!  While we love our Tigers, win or lose, it is certainly easier after a victory like this!

 S was determined to prove he really had a wife!  L made her BATT debut! 
 When you leave AR and it is 50 degrees, get to LA and it's 90 you have to make a desperate Walmart trip for necessary clothing and shoes.  When you take advice on your purchases from come to tailgate looking like this.......
The elusive smile from R.  He said his cheeks were already hurting!
 Looking good and feeling better!
 B was happy to see L and S was happy to photo bomb!
 Everybody was happy D came to visit!

 Our BATT twins....looking cute as ever
 S brought her Y krewe!
 Our newest BATT members brought some family to enjoy tailgate!
 The B's were happy to see their family stopping by.
 Double B trouble!
 Lots of people out for an early game.....
 ....the more the merrier at our tailgate!
 EXTREME closeup
 Making the most of  L's first official tailgate
 Look books!  We can't harass T for studying at tailgate anymore!
 Solving all the problems of the world over a cold cocktail.
 Just chilling
 Speaking of trouble....
 BATT tailgate got an awesome addition to our "Wall of Fame"  Thanks to N knowing the right people, we got an autographed pic of Brad Davis.  He was an LSU tiger that made an infamous play in 1972 vs Ole Miss.  We can't wait to showcase it next to our pic of Billy Cannon!
 The Ps were sweet enough to bring us an autographed picture of A's dad.  From now one, we'll consider them honorary BATT members!
S posing with her handsome BATT buds!
Nobody gets to say no....when one of the gourmets is passing out cocktails!
 Finally getting to relax after cooking amazing food for the BATT members and friends!
Ready to watch the REAL Tigers win!

See you on 11/11

Monday, October 02, 2017

Trojans Topple Tigers

The best thing about the day was the tailgate!  The weather was lovely, the food was amazing, and the cocktails were cold and plentiful! It wasn't until the game that fans saw their beloved Tigers falter in their first home, non-conference loss, in 17 years!  While the Tigers need to GET IT TOGETHER..the BATT tailgate remains ON POINT!

 Nothing better than good weather, cold beer, and BATT buds!
 The Gourmets got to enjoy a little well deserved down time before the crowds came!
 Win or lose......the love is still there!
 P sporting the infamous Tiger hat.  Everything seems like a good purchase after you've enjoyed several cocktails at BATT tailgate!
 Purchase was made for this future BATTer....she had to promise to wear it!
 Wonder if JM actually passed out the food this time?
 Solving the world's problems over some cold beer and delicious food!
 Not to be left out.....B thinks BATT needs one of these for the cone on top of the BATTmobile!
 B and B....making sure the Canadian's first tailgate experience is a great one!
 Look what N found?  Nothing says tailgate fun like the sharing of the jello!
 I told the little cheerleader that the "Cutest girl had to be in the middle."  It will come as a surprise to NO ONE that our blonde gourmet immediately jumped into the center!
 The Gourmets brought friends to enjoy BATT fun!
 P was SOME excited to see "Irresponsible Joel" back in the picture!
 Spending time with buddies is better at BATT.
 Anxiously awaiting the arrival of another Gourmet masterpiece
Extreme close up
 See?  Every once in a blue moon the Gourmets DO sit!

Bacon makes EVERY tailgate better!
At least the sunset was pretty!
 First non-conference home loss in 17 years?  Our BATTers have thoughts about that!

See you October 13!
NO....really......please GET IT TOGETHER!  <3 br="">

Monday, September 25, 2017

Tigers Looked Okay Vs the Orangeman?

The LA heat was back in full force, but it's always cool under the shade at BATT tailgate.  Boudin Eggrolls rained down, creole sundaes were gobbled up, usual....the cocktails flowed freely!  The Tigers looked shaky against an unworthy opponent, but the tailgate was amazing, as ALWAYS!
 Lovely Ladies
 Hitting the bottle EARLY is a BATT tradition
 Loving embrace? P CLAIMS he was trying to crack the Gourmet's back......sure!
 M and friend....enjoying some BATT fun
 T promised this one would cause some HAVOC....he did not live up to his reputation
 Taking a break from Harvey related nonsense.....S joined the tailgate for fun and relaxation
 What do you do to avoid a "Marilyn Moment" while cooking...."cajun ingenuity"
 Son of JM suffers a similar fate.  Just a little higher almost have it!
 Our BATT ladies look cute all game long!

 Sharing the tailgate tradition with future BATTers.  BTW....did everyone meet "Responsible Joel" this tailgate?   SCARY stuff!
Celebrating a BATT babies 19th in tailgate style!

 Happy birthday H!
 Look who stepped away from the soccer field and into a tailgate!
 Inappropriate drinking pic
 Slightly more appropriate drinking pic
 BATT visitors
 Daddy/daughter cuteness
 It's not a tailgate without some sort of foolishness from these two!
 Nothing says tailgate fun like being forced to pose right after you put a bite of food in your mouth!
 The Not So Newlyweds brought family and friends to tailgate. 
 At BATT, we feed you and give you cocktails.....before we harass you as Tiger Bait!
 S...hanging with the press
 M and friends stopped by to visit
 S cuteness!

 She doesn't get out much!
 Not to be left out of a picture op!
 A found a friend from overseas......her very own SAMURAI!
Relaxing after another great tailgate and before the game begins!

See you next weekend!