Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Aggie Agony as Tigers Defeat A&M

The weather was perfect as the scene was set for the last BATT tailgate of 2017.  Most krewe members skipped the Arkansas game, due to ridiculous time change, and were ready to send off the 2017 season with a blowout.  The gourmets did not disappoint, serving omelets, gumbo, and their signature item, boudin egg rolls!  BATTers were awesome, drinks were flowing, and it all ended with a decisive Tiger win! 
 The men of BATT look good!
 The Gourmets...enjoying some rare down time.
 In BATT.....they tailgate from the womb!
 H was forced to hang with her family at tailgate....I think the cocktails made it more bearable!

 The B family brought the whole krewe!
 Somewhat responsible J brought his dad and nephew!
 Last roll of 2017
 The LSU ice cream truck krewe stopped by.  I think BATT needs one for tailgate!

 JM loves his oldest girl!
 Before the crowds arrived
 When you leave the camera unattended......take one
 AJ is thrilled to take a pic!
 R has mastered his smile....he can now rest his cheeks until 2018
 Somebody was happy when another ZTA arrived
 When you leave your camera unattended......take two

 L made her debut appearance at tailgate!  Welcome back!
 Tailgating is exhausting
 FOR ONCE.....a gourmet is eating someone else's food!
 She found friends.....and promptly disappeared from tailgate with them!
 Ps and friends
 Sassy ladies
 S and his surrogate wife....since his was in TX
 Up to NO GOOD
 You never know what somebody is going to do when they are forced to take a pic!
 H loves her baby girl
 Nice smile P
 Lovely Ladies
 S found J's conversation so riveting......well, you see what happened

 When your son plays for the Aggie band....we accept you wearing the maroon ONE game a year!
 More P family cuteness!

Special Announcement!  The Not so Newlyweds of BATT added a beautiful new member to our Krewe.  Welcome baby Sage!  

See you next season!  

Monday, October 16, 2017

Comeback Cats! Tigers Take Down Auburn

Fresh off the Tiger's win over the Gators, the BATT krewe gathered in the ridiculous October heat to pass a good time!  The afternoon start time did not determined the crowd as all huddled to get into the shade, eat the Gourmet's food, and enjoy a cold cocktail.  While it started out rough, the Tigers recovered and proceeded to execute the greatest comeback in SEC history!  While we love our Tigers, win or lose, it is certainly easier after a victory like this!

 S was determined to prove he really had a wife!  L made her BATT debut! 
 When you leave AR and it is 50 degrees, get to LA and it's 90 you have to make a desperate Walmart trip for necessary clothing and shoes.  When you take advice on your purchases from come to tailgate looking like this.......
The elusive smile from R.  He said his cheeks were already hurting!
 Looking good and feeling better!
 B was happy to see L and S was happy to photo bomb!
 Everybody was happy D came to visit!

 Our BATT twins....looking cute as ever
 S brought her Y krewe!
 Our newest BATT members brought some family to enjoy tailgate!
 The B's were happy to see their family stopping by.
 Double B trouble!
 Lots of people out for an early game.....
 ....the more the merrier at our tailgate!
 EXTREME closeup
 Making the most of  L's first official tailgate
 Look books!  We can't harass T for studying at tailgate anymore!
 Solving all the problems of the world over a cold cocktail.
 Just chilling
 Speaking of trouble....
 BATT tailgate got an awesome addition to our "Wall of Fame"  Thanks to N knowing the right people, we got an autographed pic of Brad Davis.  He was an LSU tiger that made an infamous play in 1972 vs Ole Miss.  We can't wait to showcase it next to our pic of Billy Cannon!
 The Ps were sweet enough to bring us an autographed picture of A's dad.  From now one, we'll consider them honorary BATT members!
S posing with her handsome BATT buds!
Nobody gets to say no....when one of the gourmets is passing out cocktails!
 Finally getting to relax after cooking amazing food for the BATT members and friends!
Ready to watch the REAL Tigers win!

See you on 11/11